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Tax Preparation Services - Personal and Business


Filing returns is a sign that you are responsible. Not just that, it also makes it easier for individuals and businesses to enter into subsequent transactions since your income is recorded by the tax department.  Due to the complicated nature of the new tax laws it might be necessary for even the simplest of tax returns to be prepared by a Tax Professional.  That is where First Choice can help.

It is important that you hire a firm that has years of experience, educated staff, and a keen knowledge of the tax laws to ensure you are not over paying or underpaying your tax obligation.  Our firm can help ease the stress of tax season by helping you plan ahead.

Income Tax Preparation Options

Individual - For individuals with W-2's, Pensions, School Credits, EIC, Child Tax Credit,  Social Security Income, etc

Long Form Preparation - For everyone in the Individual category and includes:  Taxpayers with Mortgage Interest, Property Taxes. Charitable Contributions, Medical Expenses,  Sale of Property, Sale of Stock, etc

Self Employed - For Small Business owners who are Sole Proprietors or Single Owner LLC.  Includes home office deductions, Mileage deductions,  Equipment Depreciation , Small Business Credits, and more


Rental Property Owners - For everyone in the Individual Category and includes:  Rental Property income and expenses, Depreciation Calculations, Rental Credits, etc


S/C Corporations - Includes the preparation of the tax form 1120S for the S Corporations and 1120 for the C Corporations.

Partnerships - Preparation of the 1065 Partnership Tax Return and all of the K-1 Schedules for each Partner.

Non Profit - 990 Series - Preparation of the 990N Card for Non Profit with gross income less than $50,000.  990EZ Tax Return and the 990 Tax Return for all other Non Profits...based on  gross income.



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