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Payroll Services


First Choice Bookkeeping offers an easy payroll management system.  Our computerized payroll preparation procedure can process your company's payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis.


Our fast, accurate service makes your employee's payroll/tax information available to you in an easy-to-use file information system.  As part of our payroll services, we monitor your tax deposit requirements and notify you when various tax payments are due.  We also keep track of your outside labor expenses and prepare your year-end 1099's.



ON A QUARTERLY BASIS:                                            ONCE A YEAR

We Prepare For Filing                                                  We Automatically File


941 Quarterly Return                                                       Employee W-2's


State Unemployment  Return                                        1099's – Subcontract Information


State Income Tax Returns                                            Annual Employee Earnings


Workers Compensation Filing/Reports                            Recap of Local and State                                                                                                   Withholding

Local tax requirements where applicable                         940 Federal Unemployment Return 


Detailed employee earnings ledgers                                Copies  for your records


Copies of all filings for your records

Call for more information and pricing.

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